We’ve all heard the famous ad tagline “A Diamond is Forever.”

It was created in 1947 by a pioneering female ad copywriter named Frances Gerety. After spending an arduous day on the advertising account of the De Beers diamond company, the conscientious writer was about to tumble into bed when she realized that she hadn’t devised a tag line. Gerety prayed to her Muses: “please send me a line,” and out came “a diamond is forever,” which she scribbled down on a slip of paper.

And the rest was history. For the entire second half of the 20th century, there was no advertising phrase more famous among consumers. In fact, A Diamond is Forever was honored in 1999 by Advertising Age as the slogan of the century.

A Diamond Is Forever’s power is due to its truth, I believe. It is extremely difficult to damage a diamond under normal conditions – whether it’s mined or lab-grown. That’s due to its hardness, which ranks 10 on the Mohs’ scale, a measure used by scientists to rate the scratch resistance of various minerals. It’s the reason that a diamond has always been the traditional engagement stone – it can take the abuses of daily wear.

Diamonds have even been known to endure infernos such as the one that engulfed the World Trade Center buildings in New York City on September 11, 2001. JP Morgan Bank, located at the partially collapsed 5 World Trade Center, had a bank vault with safety deposit boxes in the fires. Though most of the boxes’ contents were ash when they were opened, a 1950s-era diamond brooch survived the cataclysm. While the metal was blackened from the heat of the fires, the diamonds remained in good condition. The brooch is a potent symbol of survival for its owner, who had inherited it from her mother.

So yes, all diamonds, including lab-grown diamonds, last forever. The lab-grown diamonds that AIDIA sells
are physically, chemically, optically, thermally, and visually identical to mined diamonds, with the same hardness and durability. So they will continue to sparkle and endure as gifts that you can pass on to your descendants.

And because AIDIA’s lab-grown diamonds were grown in a laboratory setting, you can tell your heirs where your diamonds were born – and that they were not used to foment conflict, cause human rights abuses, or disrupt the earth through diamond mining. Now that’s a legacy.