The Wall Street Journal recently produced a cool little one-minute film about the differences between lab-grown diamonds, and those that are mined from the earth. The film gives a great explanation for how lab-grown gems are made.

The Wall Street Journal noted, that lab-grown diamonds, such as those found in AIDIA’s jewelry, share the same chemical and physical properties as mined ones, with the same shine and durability that have made diamonds the classic engagement ring gemstone – because you can wear it on an everyday basis and it will last forever.

Lab-grown diamonds sparkle, are tough and among the hardest and most scratch-resistant mineral substances known to scientists. Using a well-known measurement known as the Mohs Scale, which rates hardness levels of various gems and minerals, diamonds sit at the top of the scale, garnering a “10” in a range from 1-10, lab-grown diamonds share that exact durability.

The video notes that even though lab-grown diamonds are around 25% cheaper than mined stones, they are indistinguishable to the naked eye.

To See More About Lab Grown Diamonds & What They Are About Check Out The Video Below!