If you’re planning to get engaged, one of the many factors you’ve no doubt considered is where to obtain your diamond engagement ring. While many consumers are satisfied with mined diamonds, you’re different.

I can tell – because by reading this blog, I know you’ve at least considered a lab-grown diamond. And I think I recognize the struggle. There’s a lot of advertising out there, trying to persuade you to buy what’s called a “natural” diamond. That’s one formed deep in the earth – an amazing process that does have a certain magic. I know, because I spent twenty years promoting and selling mined diamonds, before beginning AIDIA, my lab-grown diamond jewelry brand.

It seemed incredible to me when I started in the mined diamond business that such a gem could form from a base of plain old carbon, one of the most abundant elements in the earth and in all living systems. Carbon is the basic building block for most cells in the body and it makes up 18% of us! It’s in our fossil fuels, our wood, our cotton, our pencils, and our batteries. And pretty much everything else.

But it’s carbon in the Earth’s crust, about 90 miles below the surface, where the magic of a diamond can form. I say “can” because a whole bunch of conditions have to be right for diamonds to form from their base of carbon. Extremely high temperatures and high pressure have to exist, and the location must be stable.

Once diamonds form and are projected up closer to the earth’s surface by volcanos, however, they must be unearthed, mostly through mining that disrupts the earth. In some cases, the world’s poorest people are also still exploited, when the gems they mine are purchased below market value by buyers who prey on them. While many responsible diamond companies repair the earth after mining, and treat their miners well, most consumers cannot be sure, when buying a “natural” diamond, whether their gem is in the former or latter category.

So this uncertainty has led you to consider a lab-grown diamond. I can assure you that AIDIA diamonds have a definite origin in a laboratory setting, not a mine. Once grown, via one of several high-tech processes that use a diamond seed and carbon (along with other elements), AIDIA lab-grown diamonds are cut using the same pristine standards that we apply to mined diamonds.

Be sure to explore AIDIA.com, where we have a beautiful and varied selection of diamond cuts to please any couple. And our selection of designer engagement ring styles will stack up well next to any mined diamond brand you’ve seen.

Our goal is to make you exceptionally happy with the very modern, 21st century choice you’ve made. Congratulations on the journey ahead. As one of the lucky, happily married, I wish you all the same joy that marriage has given me. Cheers!