When you buy a piece of diamond jewelry, you expect the gems to be beautiful, clear, and enduring – symbols of love, success, and self-worth.

And that’s exactly what you get with the lab-grown diamonds in AIDIA fine jewelry, which are physically, chemically, optically, thermally, and visually identical to mined diamonds, with the same hardness and durability and SPARKLE that have made these gems sought after throughout history.

But with AIDIA’s lab-grown diamonds, you get many other benefits, too, including:

* Guaranteed origin
AIDIA’s gems are grown in a laboratory setting, so you know where your diamonds were born – and that they were not used to foment conflict, cause human rights abuses, or disrupt the earth through diamond mining.

* Luxurious and precious
AIDIA lab-grown diamonds are as luxurious and precious as mined diamonds, because they are physically identical, and can achieve the same kind of dazzle, sparkle, and beauty. They can also be passed on for generations, due to their identical hardness and durability. While they are more affordable than mined diamonds, lab-grown gems will retain their high value, too, because of the technical complexity and relative rarity of their creation.

* A high-tech miracle
AIDIA lab-grown diamonds begin life from a diamond seed. Using high-tech equipment, our laboratories then create conditions akin to the ones in which diamonds form deep in the earth, and from that initial seed, a fully formed diamond crystal grows. What a story to tell your friends!

* A sustainable resource
The supply of mined diamonds, according to current industry projections, is expected to decline in years to come, as diamonds mined at known sources peter out. But demand for diamond is expected to continue to expand, not only for use in beautiful jewelry, but also for a variety of other industries. Lab-grown diamonds will fill the gap, so you’ll always be able to find diamonds in the shapes, colors, qualities and quantities you want.

What’s not to love about these precious stones?